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Our clients feedback

This is what we have created for our customers and what we can do for you!

Malvern Town FC



"We really appreciate all your help in giving us our dream pitch"


Chris Pinder
Malvern Town FC

(The before and after pictures shown to the left)

​Hinton FC (Hereford)

Hinton football club have employed lawn view to continue the regeneration of it's Broomy hill playing surface with fantastic results.  The previously uneven ground that was spartan of grass and suffered from stones breaking through the surface has now been replaced with a lush green grass surface, that is even and without any protruding stones.

The services provided by Lawnview were swift and professional in the initial ground work and the aftercare in the germination and growing phases was very attentive.  Once the grass was at height to cut the processes used have produced a lush green playing surface that has not been seen at Broomy hill for several years

We are extremely happy with the work completed and the cutting services supplied by Lawnview, and look forward to establishing a long term ground management agreed with Lawnview.


Graham Andrews
Hinton FC


Bartestree FC

" David Anslow of Lawn View has undertaken a full restoration of the playing surface at Bartestree Football Club during the summer of 2012. The old surface was worn, compacted, quite bare of grass and with a high weed content. David used a Blecavator machine to rotavate the top layer of soil to a fine tilthe, with an integrated sower to re-seed with a high quality sportsfield ryegrass mix.  The surface was then rolled lightly twice to firm up the surface and to work the seed in below the soil.

The new surface is playing well only 2 months after re-seeding, although ideally we would have preferred to wait longer before playing on it to allow proper rolling and repeated cutting.

David has been extremely co-operative and helpful throughout, and works very hard and long hours to fulfill his obligations."

NIgel - Bartestree FC

^^ "Thanks David were really pleased with it" Wayne & Jeff Headly FC (Hampshire)

<< Lawn View in action with early stages of pitch restoration.

^^ Thank David the grass coverage is good and it looks great a big improvement on last season (Gareth 1st team coach of Chalfont Wasps) Chalfont St Giles, Bucks


Butford Farm Organics


"Thanks David everyone who sees the lawn says how great it look, we are really really pleased"


Martin & Janet Harris Lawn

Netherton Cricket Club


Scarifying a cricket square.

Newly restored lawn on a housing development.

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